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Bearer of Light by Paul Deslauriers

A Catalyst for Global Change
"A synthesis of Christianity, Buddhism, science, business and government within a unified coherent system - presented as a modern day parable. Astonishing!" — Steven Somkin, playwright
"Bearer of Light is a wakeup call and guidebook for community spirit and love to rise above the dark force." — Alan Becker, business executive

Engaging Topics

The Veil of Delusion

The roots of this deception go back centuries to dogmas and beliefs created by hierarchies to sanction their powers. Societal patterns got enacted as common folk gave credence to these dogmas, and fear. The resulting beliefs still thrive today and are within the foundation of global conflicts that presently plague our planet. This veil can make people like sheep to follow the will of those who are in power and control the media.

This book is a wake up call from the cultural trances that plague our society with war, discrimination, and poverty.

The Six Characteristics of Highly Effective Groups

Was the most acknowledged teacher in history, Jesus, pointing to the deepest aspect of physical matter, quantum energy, in his teachings? With an expanded perspective from the Gospels of Thomas and Mary Magdalene Jesus describes God and his heavenly realm depicting six aspects of the Quantum field-the omni-present energy that makes up our physical universe. Throughout the novel these six characteristics or behaviors are seen from a variety of perspectives, starting with the Gospels of Jesus. These six truths are also revealed in the 6,000 year-old Sankhya Philosophy, quantum physics, the U.S. Constitution, and vibrant group energy fields from families to nations.

Patriarchy versus Collaboration

For centuries societies and businesses have been dominated by the patriarchal hierarchy, but in recent history most businesses have found this to be a flawed approach in this fast-paced world when compared to collaboration, teamwork, and open, transparent systems. Bearer of Light dispels many of the myths spun to support patriarchy and more importantly, supports a restoration of feminine values such as compassion, family, and collaboration.

Community Activism

Through grass roots community involvement, we tap a powerful force. The author's twenty-three years experience as an organizational development consultant is expressed through a variety of stories and analogies that translates into practical tools for local community development. Communities that align with the nature of the quantum field, vibrate at a higher level and become growthful, uplifting environments. Integrating these behaviors in their culture creates a foundation for community activism to flourish.

A Catalyst for Global Change

We are all experiencing the growing class divide, the shredding of national pride, and the awareness that many in political power are not listening to their citizens. A catalyzing event, 9/11 of 2001, resulted in a sudden detour to a path of restricted liberties, engaging in war under false pretexts, endless terrorism, and the increasing gap between the rich elite and the rest of us. An awareness of the roots of our current economic and social stress can be catalyst for change.

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